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I have watched this video countless times because it puts such a huge smile on my face when I see it. The kids are simply adorable! What a great Dad they have!


After close to two years of urging the University of Pennsylvania to remove it’s discriminatory exclusions of treatment for transsexualism from their insurance policy, word has it that they are going to approve it next year. We should be hearing something within the next couple of months.

When I first spoke in front of the University Council at Penn, urging them to remove the exclusionary policy, every single person in the room applauded. They got it. This is life saving treatment and at the least, vastly improving the quality of life for those who suffer from transsexualism.

Penn will be hosting trials for the upcoming DSM-5 so it only makes sense that they would acknowledge that treatment for transsexualism is mandatory and not merely a choice. I can’t see how they could possibly deny it this year, due to this fact alone. Students rallied to get Penn to change the policy for staff and faculty and are planning on addressing it again if denied this year. I am so proud of those students who stood up to Amy Gutmann and Craig Carnaroli. They got a Wharton student to crunch the numbers of what it would actually cost Penn per year and that number was $5,000.

Penn to host DSM-5 Trials

So, keeping my fingers crossed. I know Penn will do the right thing. And our peers will look at us as a model and could have a ripple effect that changes policy in other Ivy Universities, improving the lives of transsexuals there as well.


This is hilarious. I love this guy!

When Lewis Black does his “Back In Black” segment on “The Daily Show,” you can always count on him to boil society’s collective outrage down to a humorous five-minute segment. On Thursday night, he did just that, taking on the latest “threats” to America’s children — specifically apple juice and Chaz Bono.

This kind of thing just amazes me. I saw some research a few years ago that said the same thing.

Faster than the speed of light

GENEVA — One of the very pillars of physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity – that nothing can go faster than the speed of light – was rocked Thursday by new findings from one of the world’s foremost laboratories.

European researchers said they clocked an oddball type of subatomic particle called a neutrino going faster than the 186,282 miles per second that has long been considered the cosmic speed limit.

Over the last decade, I found myself more and more conflicted with my entire existence.  Something was horribly wrong and the anxiety was growing. I needed to find a balance, even if temporary, so I taught myself how to paint and also used Steinberg Sequel and Cubase 4 to create music, to accomplish this. The need to do this was overwhelming and throughout the years I used art as therapy, I began to come to terms with who I really was and what I needed to do to make things right.  Once I began taking estrogen and blocking the poisonous testosterone, the need to create art simply vanished into thin air. While estrogen alone will never make me feel complete, I feel it saved my life.


A lot of my paintings were kind of a Yin and Yang and/or Control of Chaos.

This is my very first painting and it is untitled from around late 2005. This represented the conflict I had inside myself. Pink represented the female in me and black represented male. I was struggling with how I felt inside and how I felt I should be to please society. I was terrified when I was painting this because if it turned out to be a failure, meaning if I was unable to express myself at that time, I would have never attempted it again.

Pink represents female and black represents male

Female vs. Male - Acrylic on 16X20 canvas

I was still not confident with my ability to express myself and sometime after the first painting, I created “Bleeding Soul”

Bleeding Soul

Bleeding Soul

Bleeding Soul – the words

My soul inside it’s bastion host,
waves of poetry splash against it’s walls,
trapped forever,

tears from the rampart fill me,
but the other side is dry,
there is no more room

i stab my soul,
to bleed from me,
the poetry you could never see,

my palette leaks for all to see,
prisoner no more,
i’m free…

Then came “Tamed Chaos” and this was a turning point for me.  After I finished this, I realized it wasn’t just a fluke and that I actually could use art to express myself.

"Tamed Chaos"

"Tamed Chaos" Acrylic 36x36

My most popular painting titled “Dream” was created around June 2006.  A blogger found it and put it on his site along with other famous artists such as Rothko and Pollock. Obviously I was honored but am under no delusion that I feel I belong there. Anyway, this page was the bloggers last entry and my painting showed up in Google Images when searching for “abstract art” where for years it was the very first image that popped up. How lucky was that?! Conservapedia has it in their Abstract Painting section.


Dream - 36X48 Acrylic and Oil

And then came “Depression’s Mirror”. I am usually pretty resilient when it comes to depression and snap out of it in a few days but I went through several weeks of it and just wanted to die. I started painting what I was feeling inside and what I saw when I looked in the mirror, and after it was finished, my depression vanished. I don’t know if it was timing or if the painting was therapy. Mike Knapp, curator at the Mosi Museum in Florida, contacted me about putting this on permanent display in their “mental health” exhibit and it is hanging next to Munich’s Scream and a Van Gogh self portrait. They blew the image up to 6′. I have not seen the exhibit in person but here is an image he sent me.

Mosi Museum

Depression's Mirror Permenant Display

"Depression's Mirror"

"Depression's Mirror" Acrylic and Oil

Not a smiley. No explanation necessary.

Not a Smiley

Not a Smiley Acrylic


Tutu Girl – Experimenting with the pink-black thing.

Tutu Girl

Tutu Girl


Ambient Flavored and Misc

Androgynous Journey – This was completed as my estrogen started taking over. I already knew my path but was terrified of actually making the transition in my life so I was in denial.  It made it easier for me to look at my transition in stages. I never cross-dressed (some people don’t get that). It felt natural to Go through this androgynous stage before making the big announcement.

Happy Heart

Bipolar (no, I don’t have that but someone in my life does)

Land to Sea

Zuit Loops

Classical Instruments

At Peace

The Ascension – Original

The Ascension



Path to Necro


Ghosis Ping

Oh Yeah

Ambystik Rave


If you want to download my music it is on iLike.

This is just an incredible story about a woman who dedicated her life to judo and was denied recognition because she was a woman. This is a true role model!


This is actually incredible to watch. I have to hand it to Governor Christie, here. He is saying what all Americans should be saying about Muslims in America.  Kudos, Gov.

See the video at Huffington Post

Lawrence O’Donnell was so bowled over by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s staunch defense of a Muslim-American judge that he gave the Republican what he said was his show’s first standing ovation.

Christie drew widespread attention for calling critics of Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer who he appointed to a judgeship in New Jersey, “crazy” and “ignorant” and saying he was tired of hearing “crap” about Sharia law spreading in the United States.

I have been a fan of the Huffington Post for years now. It is the most popular liberal blog on the planet.

Am I alone to find it shocking that they don’t have a science section? Everything about that is just fundamentally wrong! Many of us have made comments about wanting a science section but it has fallen on deaf ears.

I am creating an online petition, which will hopefully get the Huffington Post, to at least think about giving us a science section. It is unfair to force-feed us religion but not give us an alternative. This is just like forcing schools to teach creationism and to ban evolution from being taught.

Arianna, can we PLEASE have a science section? Pretty please with sugar on top? Or if sugar doesn’t work, Pretty please with loud screaming science hungry liberals on top? We want and NEED a science section!!!

Thank you

Sign the petition!